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I'm Not Grey About My Gray - Val's Saucey New Hair Color

By vals2saucey · September 8, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Wanna blow someone's mind? Simply go gray on purpose. [Let's quickly diffuse the spelling situation...grAy as in America vs. grEy as in England.]  Ok, maybe the purplish blue tone does more so favor Dame Edna (whom I lurve!), but it is basically recognized as gray. I need to just talk about this for a minute. First  a little background. I grew up with my mama doing hair, so being a guinea pig for her strange chemical concoctions was a norm. By the time I was in college I'd tried practically every haircolor out there, from Fudge's Raspberry Baret to Manic Panic's Green Envy. I should have just worked at Sally's or something, but I'd take my lunch money to buy my staples of developer and bleach. At the time my hair was long and curly, so I had my Ronald McDonald red fro moments, but I guess me living in hippy, surfer-ville Santa Cruz, California, I wasn't much of an oddity. I always wanted true snow white platinum, but that was only possible by means of weaves. My grandmother eventually got silvery salt and pepper gray hair, but not at an early age. All I knew was that it was beautiful, and if I could wear all these different colors, it was harmless fun.

All that said, I realized that in all the experimenting, I'd never (intentionally) gone gray. Earlier this year I saw pictures of Kelis, and then a few of my beautiful fellow blogger, Nymphette, and figured why not? This seems to be a growing trend of grey on younger folks. Yes, I now live in the Bay Area (still more conservative than Santa Cruz), and yes, I work in corporate America, but what are they gonna say, "You hair isn't a natural color?" Um, yeah, no. SO, I just did it!

I will tell you right now...I have never gotten so many stares. I honestly did it because I liked the look itself, not for the looks I'm getting. It was hilarious because other than my hubby, the only immediate positive response I got was from a bum at the BART station. I think it was sincere even though he did ask for change.

I guess my question now is, why is this such a big get-back? Folks don't typically ask why you're COVERING your grays. I never would have thought that coloring my hair gray would ever be so political.

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I think you look gorgeous! To heck with the naysayers! <3

posted by

♥ u, Keshajae!

posted by Naboskala (Janet)

I like it! I'm not in a hurry to go grey, but I think it can be really pretty!

posted by dg17

Hi pretty lady. I love the new "grey" look. IF anyone says smack about you.. they are only jealous of you. You rock!

posted by drthibby

I love the grey----with my current fav of the Afro--- I can now pull out my grey Afro wig and wear it with pride!! LOL

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I love this look. Very different and eyecatching. Do you think I could pull it off? How did you get the color to take on your dark hair?

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@ tonics I had to totally lighten my hair and then start toning it. That's why it has the blue-purple tint to it, that eventually fades with washing. I think that this intentional of a look is not for the fainthearted! I've never gotten so many compliments and so many confused looks at the same time. Pulling off any look is all about your confidence in doing it! PS> Thanks for subscribing to my blog!

posted by Miss O.

What toner did you use? Did you have to tone it multiple times? And what level did you lift your hair to initially? I've been trying to achieve this look, I've been to a salon twice and they couldn't do it. I would love to have your recipe.

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